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Waste to Energy Incinerator for medical waste, pet cremation and solid waste

The waste to energy (W2E) incinerator combustion capacity 50 kgs per hour to 300 kgs per hour. 

1. Oil means Diesel oil fuel. Gas means natural gas fuel.

2. * Proposal Usage: M: Medical Waste, P: Pet Cremation, S: Solid Waste

3. Average Capacity calculated by medical waste, not mean any waste material. The animal/pet combustion rate around 2/3 of average capacity.

4. Clover incinerator use time per day up to 12-16 hours or 6-8 feed times. Between each feed/combustion time, there are about 0.5-1 hours cooling time.

5. Clover waste to energy incinerator with optional sprinkler system and heat exchange system. According to customer request, we install one set or two sets of sprinkler system, and fix with 02 unit or 03 units oil/gas burner.

Model CONVO-50 CONVO-100 CONVO-150 CONVO-200 CONVO-300
Average Capacity 30~50 80~100 100~150 150~200 200-300
Sprinkler system optional optional optional optional optional
Heat exchange system optional optional optional optional optional
Fuel oil/gas oil/gas oil/gas oil/gas oil/gas
Burner Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden Sweden

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disposal of solid municipal medical and industrial waste management

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